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Temsuyanger was born in Nagaland, a land now lying within the borders of northeastern India as a result of British border policy in  the early twentieth century. Since this time Nagas have constantly struggled to protect their identity against the overwhelming quest for dominance and  assimilation from their neighbours. The movement for independence continues.


Portrait of a dance II seeks to give voice to Nagaland's identity in a playful and simultaneously thoughtful way.


The first extract starts with the sounds of singing Naga dancers approaching the stage. There are eight dance sequences that are woven together to form a motion portrait. The repertoire of movements swing from fluid to frantic when finally the silhouetted image of the dancers’ bodies disintegrate as they approach the centre of the room leaving behind only their voice and shadows for the viewer.

Viewers are encouraged to step into the dance by matching their foot work to that of one of the shadows and partake in the dance.




5TH - 13TH JUNE 2010

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