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11th - 18th March 2010

Performance - 11th March - 7.30 pm

Dance: Eleftheria Rapti

Installations: Eline van den Boogaard and Charlotte Lindsay

Costume: Lova Moller

Film: Abi Ighodaro


This is not a dance is a collaborative installation/performance bringing together five artists whose work crosses the disciplines of dance, sculpture, photography, fashion-design and video. This project explores the pursuit of intimacy and engagement through movement across one shared stage.

Departing from the question of dance presentation within a visual art context, This is not a dance seeks to dissolve the separation between the space of the dance - a 20 minute solo performance- and the space of the gallery.

This is not a dance traces a space, where a body tries to find its way in and out its own choreography. When movement loses its author, locomotion becomes strange.

A performance without a subject. A voice that becomes a body. A body that becomes a scream. Passing through broken languages and routes that go nowhere, This Is Not a Dance is not, but has to, become a dance.