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BHVU Winter Open 2010

27th November - 19th December

Many thanks to all the artist's who entered work for the BHVU Winter Open.

The call for submissions attracted many entries from artists based all over the UK and beyond, ranging from sculptural installations to painting, printmaking and photography.

BHVU is pleased to announce that Shona Davis & David Monaghan

won the Visitor's Choice prize with Uninvited and Unusual Suspects.



David Caines

Penny Sadubin

Jane Bolden

Luci Eldridge

Ellen Graubart

Maria Ascension Lorente Huguet

Christopher Bond

Mildred Rambaud

Charlotte Lindsay

William Bock

James Lowne

Eline van den Boogaard

Oliver McConnie

Lesley Hilling

Jenny Kallin

Simon Coates

Caroline Jane Harris

Ana Cascon

Claire Moore

Ian Rawlinson

Leszek Blyszczynski

Annabel Tilley  

Craig Edwards

Nicholas Middleton

Shona Davies & David Monaghan

Vicky Dale

Michelle Heron

Eleanor Bedlow


Charlie Penrose

Harry Starling

Hyemin Park

Tana West

Ashley Amery

Rupert Hartley

Sharon Leahy-Clark

Matthew Belsham

Amelie Brisson-Darveau

Karl Bielik

Eleni Zagkali

Lizzy Stewart

Flora Bradwell

Jan Rosser